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algebra word

kyla hernandez

think and think !!!

1               2       3 4
6 7                         8              
9         10               11                
  12       13      
        14   15
16 17                                        
  18             19    
  20     21            
24                         25    

1.no variable in the denominator.no negative exponent,no variable inside the radical sign and no fractional exponent on the variable.
7.numbers divisible by 2
8.a mathematical statement that shows two numbers or two expressions are equal.
9.an equation that has no solution
12.equals may be added on both sides of equations
16.an equation that has at least one solution but is not an identity.
18.any value of the variable that makes the equation a true statement
20.both side of the equation maybe divided by a non zero real number
22.2 equations that have same solutions
23.equals may be subtracted from both sides of the equations
24.least one variable
25.both sides of the equation may be multiplied by equals
2.if two quantities are both equal to a third quantity ,then they are equal to each other.
3.to multiply powers having the same base ,add the exponents and keep / retain the base
4.to find the power pf a product ,find the power of each factors then multiply the resulting powers.
5.-3(a-15) is equals to
6.an equation that is satisfied by every number of w/c both sides are defined
10.the expressions on both sides of an equation may be interchange
11.are equations that have the same solution
13.any number or expressions is equal to itself
14.equals may be substituted for equals
15.to find the power of a power of a base,keep the base and multiply the exponents.
17.either one more than or one less than an even numbers
19.are 2 or more terms
21.4(x+3) is equals to

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