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Orchestra Terms

Mr. Savage

Made up of Composer's names and terms you'll see in your music.

3       4
6             7
9       10      
    11     12
13                   14      
16   17           18                    
19       20        
21           22                    
      24   25     26            
27         28 29                    
30       31   32  
33               34    
    35 36       37              
  38       39                  
40       41           42     43  
46             47            
48           49                

2.Quarters in 4/4 time
3.Feel good or A major
6.Sharps in C# Major
8.Going for a walk?
9.Found in a bar
13.Hold it right here
14.What the notes are
16.Use with to make things quite
18.Fastest of all
21.Parking or beat pattern
22.Volume control
25.Biggest of them all
27.F major or a tire
28.G to D
33.Classical period genius
36.Long and short of it
38.US composer/conductor
41.Whole note per measure
42.Where the music lives
46.If it needs fixin'
47.Barber's best
48.Sharps in A Major
49.Short, short
50.how fast can you go?
1.Instrument in the middle
4.Play it with 2 hands or softly
5.Romantic was his thing
6.Needed everyday
7.Never heard 9th Symphony
10.Large musical group
11.Surprise composer
12.Con "mute"
14.Music or Mozart's period
15.A period in the 20th Century
16.At the Top
17.Fix the hair
19.With or without?
20.start moveing faster
23.To make the violin sing
24.Unlock the music
26.Beat common time
29.The way things are
31.Put eight notes together
32.let's relax
34.Notes tied together
35.Rests on the floor
37.Cowboy's composer
39.Loved to Lied
40.The last movement
42.Eigths in 3/4
43.The end is here!
44.Smallest of the family
45.Stop, yield or exit

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