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Lost in Yonkers Applying Vocabulary

Mrs. Kapuscik

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1.After surviving the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel has devoted his life to combating ____.
5.There were several ____ standing in the way of the NBA lockout being resolved.
8.At the end of the day, the principal announced, "Due to ____ circumstances all activities will be cancelled after school."
9.Clothing with Gore-tex fabric is supposed to be ____ to rain and snow.
10.The generals knew that attacking and taking over the fort would be a ____ effort.
13.The audience sat completely silent listening to the ____ stories of people who survived the Haitian earthquake.
19.When traveling through the deep south, I had a difficult time understanding the local ____.
20.After running a fever of 100 degrees, it became ____ to the doctors that the patient's body was rejecting the liver transplant.
2.I threw aside the poorly worded instructions in ____ while trying to assemble the toy.
3.Most of the debate consisted of the candidates making ____ remarks about each other.
4.Along with hundreds of regular people, many ____ individuals also lost money with Bernie Madoff.
6.The ____ factors of not buying the house were the leaky basement and sagging roof.
7.Jay and Arty stared ____ at Uncle Louie's holstered gun.
11.My friend tore his ACL after he ____ his knee while playing basketball.
12.His astounding financial success was a ____ to his shrewd monetary skills.
14.After a 40 minute rain delay, the game ____ in the eighth inning.
15.On a ____ August evening, Jay and Arty Kurnitz apprehensively waited to find out why they were at their feared grandmother's.
16.The Broadway show opened to sold out performances and universal ____.
17.The ____ Wall Street protesters refused to move out of the occupied park.
18.Our coach was in a ____ mood after our team blew a twenty-one point lead in the fourth quarter.

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