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1 2          
4 5                        
8                               9
    10 11                          
12                           13
14     15     16
21                     22
23                         24       25
        29   30                

2.living thing that can be cut into equal halves in only one direction
4.system of the human body that transports nutrients, wastes, and other materials
8.range of condition in which an organism can survive
11.used as a standard for comparison when using the scientific method
12.the cell is surrounded and protected by the
17.the scientific concept that states that living things can originate only from existing living things
18.the general term for all mammals with hooves
19.an animal that reproduces by laying eggs
21.an animal species that has been completely wiped out
23.system of the human body that provides covering and protection
28.a tree's xylem are located in the
30.an environment and all its organisms
31.vase-shaped structure of a flower that contains the stigma and ovary
32.not a characteristic common to all mammals
34.flowering plants
35.the food nutrients that are used to build and repair the body
36.the part of a bird egg that becomes the embryo
1.single-celled animal-like organisms
2.main function of biochemical cycles
3.the hard shell covering the cephalothoraxof some crustaceans is the
5.exercises that do not maintain a raised heart rate
6.an animal that primarily eats plants
7.a plant that lives for two growing seasons
9.the portion of earth where life exists
10.the level of classification between order and genus
13.the belief that nothing is spiritual and there is no God
14.sensible explanation to a scientific problem
15.tiny air sacs found in human and mammal lungs
16.introducing ladybugs into an area to remove aphid pests is an example of
20.a tree that has male and female parts on separate trees
22.prokaryotes are distinguished from eukaryotes by the lack of an organized
24.the largest known fish
25.disease that occurs when some of the body's cells begin to divide and grow at an abnormally fast pace
26.permanently frozen layer of Arctic tundra
27.characteristic of dicots
29.based on plant and animal life, the earth is divided into broad regions called
33.a group of cells designed to work together as a unit

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