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Infection Control


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1.These precautions are used when there is a risk of direct or indirect contact transmission of infectious agents (e.g. MRSA, C. difficile, or highly contagious skin infections/infestations) that are not effectively contained by standard precautions alone
5.Hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, cleaning and appropriate handling and disposal of sharps.
8.Routine handwashing should take approximately...
11.Correct disposal of glass vials, needles, sutures.
12.After hand hygiene, the hands should be...
14.Procedural handwashing should take approximately...
15.Infectious agents are known as....
16.A strain of infection resistant to the antibiotic Vancomycin.
2.This is used for patients known or suspected to be infected with agents transmitted person-to-person by the airborne route
3.are used for patients known or suspected to be infected with agents transmitted over short distances by large respiratory droplets
4.The name for infections acquired in healthcare facilities
6.Correct disposal of blood soaked items.
7.Airborne disease, may require negative pressure ventilation.
9.Most effective way of preventing the spread of infection.
10.Common droplet route of transmission.
11.This should be used if hands are visibly dirty.
13.A test to see if someone has been exposed to Tuberculosis

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