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  2   3          
5           6      
8       9 10                  
11                     12        
    14     15        
16       17   18                

2.A very large drum struck with a heavy padded stick.
4.Two flat pieces of wood hit together with the fingers.
5.This is what we make with instruments.
6.This is the part of the drum you hit.
8.Claves are made of this.
10.An item used to make music.
11.A small hand drum with metal jingles or bells attached to the frame.
12.A hollow wooden instrument often shaped like a fish or a frog, hit with a stick.
13.Circular metal discs either struck together, or mounted on stands and struck with sticks.
14.A small hand drum.
16.A large heavy bronze disc struck with a beater.
18.A hollow block or collection of blocks of wood hit with a stick.
19.A pair of wooden sticks struck together.
1.All of these instruments are __________ instruments.
3.A small horizontal drum with a band of wires stretched across the skin.
6.Tiny silver bells in a string or on a stick, which can be shaken.
7.A hollow bell struck with a short stick.
9.Hollow instruments filled with beads and shaken.
11.A solid metal pipe bent into a triangular shape.
15.A small pair of drums of different pitch struck with the fingers.
17.Cymbals are made of this.

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