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What do you know about SAMS???

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3.Web based tool where clients can view information on their file and report changes.
5.If I want more information about the SSSMP project, I can go to the _____ ________.
7.Individual who receives payment, default is client. Other examples could be landlord or utility company.
9.Social Services Solutions Modernization Project
12.Notification to inform you of an event that has occurred.
13.Social Assistance Management System
14.Minstry announcements that are boradcast to targeted groups of people.
15.Become familiar with new SAMS terms with the bi weekly _______.
1.SAMS is replacing ____.
2.Once the information is received from the client's application for social assistance, an ___________ ____ is created to gather the information to assist in the determination of eligibility.
4.OW, TCA, ODSP, ACSD are _______ Delivery Cases.
6.Person, company, agency whose information is stored within SAMS.
8.________ is client information used to determine eligibility.
10.Caseworkers do this to determine eligibility for one or more programs based on some high level questions and eligibility rules.
11.Instruction to carry out an item of work.

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