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Frederick Douglas

Corbin Wolf

Use Pages 129-134 of the Frederick Douglas Book to find the answers. First person to finish with ALL answers correct wins the prize. Continue until you are done since we will be discussing the two documents afterwards.

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1.A person traded for monetary gain used to do work
4.Their _________ is but one form of that prevalent fallacy which substitutes a creed for a faith, a ritual for a life. (133)
6.The place where many of the slaves came from originally
9.What the master gives to the slave on page 131 of the F.D. book.
10.The person who is in charge of the slaves
11.A common punishment for disobedience by a slave
12.(Talking of Douglas) Though his life be one of action or ________. (133)
2.What is said to be taken away on page 129 of the Frederick Douglas Book
3.A run away slave and human rights activist
5.He has exposed himself to obvious_________ by telling the persons, time, and places. (132)
7.The character trait the master is arguing he showed to the slave on page 130 of the F.D. Book
8.I do not recollect of ever seeing my ________ by the light of day. (134)

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