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Level 6 Review Chapters 4-6

Jeff Upward

Level 6 Review Chapters 4-6

1 2           3 4
  5             6
7               8          
10                   11   12
14   15          
  16                     17        
      18   19  
20                 21 22             23    
    24   25        
26         27                      
31               32          
  33                   34   35            
37       38     39 40 41   42  
43                     44                  
  45 46   47            
48         49   50                  
        52     53   54   55    

1.A page you find with an address online
5.Someone that grows crops / breeds animals
7.A place to see a band play live
8.Past ability
9.A large cup
10.came back from
13.Very interesting
16.Finished school
17."Would you like to...?"
18.True - not an opinion
20.Something someone creates for the first time
22.Something you type on
27.Can not believe
28.To Take Off
29.Shapes in a field - Real or Hoax?
31.Items that are high-tech
33.Another word for found
35.Personal feeling - not a fact
36.A place you go to with friends with music, food and drink
40.Some things far from me
43.Something you carry your lunch in
44.To increase power to something (verb)
45.A type of light you can put on a table
48.Unidentified Flying Object
50.To cost an arm and a leg
51.To buy and keep things that are similar to each other
53.Came to see
56.A thing far from me
57.A piece of furniture more than one person can sit on
58.A short vacation
2.The opposite to boring
3.To be Worth Every Penny
4.Another word for strange
6.To find something of value at a low price
11.Can throw it away
12.Someone that Gives You The Creeps will make you feel...
14.Another word for joking
15.Items you sit on or eat off
19.The last sentence of a paragraph
21.To show words or pictures on a screen (verb)
23.To accept an invitation 100%
24.Not much is known about it
25.Another word for unusual
26.Signature of a celebrity
29.To put things into groups
30.Something you wear on your hand
32.Someone that studies science
34.Very good
37.An historical place of interest for tourists
38.The order of events (First, second...)
39."Thanks, but I'm busy"
41.Another word for trick
42.To view online
46."I'd love to go to your party"
47.Rest your head on it
49.To turn down
54.To drop a liquid
55.Some things close to me
56.A thing close to me

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