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Finding Synonyms with Matilda

1 2
4 5          

5.Miss Honey’s fact had gone all tight and peculiar-looking.
6.‘I expect you just happen to like living in a very simple way’
7.‘But it must be very little if you are so dreadfully poor...’
9.There followed a rather long and embarrassing silence.
1.‘...you are the first visitor to come to the cottage since I moved in...’
2.'No, they don't,’ Miss Honey said rather stiffly. ‘I just happen to be the exception.’ (2 Words)
3.'...you don't have furniture to polish or any of those silly little ornaments lying around...’
4.‘Miss Honey,’ she said suddenly, ‘do they pay you very badly at our school?’
7.Her whole body had become rigid.
8.At this, Miss Honey seemed to rouse herself. (2 Words)

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