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Mr Fairs

1                 2  
  3         4  
5                       6  
    7   8
9     10              
  14               15                    
  16         17  
  18       19                              
            20   21
23                   24              

1.A term that is sometimes used to describe a county
3.A payment to a producer of a good by the government to assist the producer in making their product
5.A global now retired soccer superstar
10.The values and customs of a particular country.
11.The worlds leading global food service retailer
12.A good or service sent from one country to another
13.A world organisation abbreviated to the WTO
14.The movement of goods and services between countries
18.A measure of the total value of all the goods and services produced in a country over a year.
23.The movement of goods and services from one country to another
24.One of the worlds leading food industry TNC's
25.An example of a telecommunications TNC
2.A large company has a head office in one country and subsidiary offices in other countries
4.A rich country of the world where most people enjoy a high standard of living.
6.The world's largest Transnationalcorporation
7.A process caused by advances in technology, which involves the web of interrelationships that have formed between countries, companies etc
8.A good or service received by one country from another
9.A poor country of the world where many people have a low standard of living.
15.This modern invention that we use everyday began in 1995
16.Another name for the internet
17.A foreign office or factory of a transitional corporation
19.A factory unit where the product of a transitional corporation are produced
20.A cartoon show developed out of a popular Japanese computer game
21.A tax put on a imported good by the government of the country that the good is imported into
22.A trade restriction on the amount of a good that can be imported into a country.

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