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Greek Myth


From the Creation to the * heroes

1       2 3 4
8   9   10        
      11 12
  13     14              
    16       17  
  18               19     20
  23 24 25        
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29                   30            
            32   33         34
  35   36                  

1.The wild goddess of the Hunt
5.The fierce god of War
7.The lord of the Dead let this fruit be eaten by her wife so she can return to the underworld
8.Titaness of Law, Justice and Order
13.The ill-favored god of Metallurgy
15.in one ancient Greek myth of creation, he is the dark, silent abyss from which all things came into existence.
18.The sophisticated goddess of Wisdom and Arts
21.a woamn who caused all the world's misfortune because of her curiousity
28.Titan of Wisdom and Forethought
29.The Divine Spirit of Retributive Justice
30.the Goddesses of Revenge and Retribution
32.The god of the Seas
35.The sensual goddess of Love and Beauty
37.Mother of the Olympian Gods
38.She is mother Earth
2.a titan doomed to carry the world unto his shoulders
3.the Spinners of the Thread of Life
4.The always jealous wife of Zeus
6.It was a mythical first period of man when everything was happy and easy, and mortals lived like gods, although they died, but only as if falling asleep.
9.She was abducted by Zeus to be her lover and soon her name becam the name of the continent popular for its most magnificent civilization
10.Hera punished this woman to become a cow because of she was jealous of her husband's affair.
11.the Queen of the Underworld
12.The calm goddess of the Hearth
14.The cunning god of the Trade,Messenger of the Gods
15.The Titan of Intelligence
16.The superior King of the Gods and Ruler of Mankind
17.Father of zeus and the other titans
19.Titaness of Memory
20.Ruler of the Heaven and the Sky
22.The Ruler of the Waters and the Seas
23.The Greek Goddess of Health
24.Titan of Light and Observation
25.The joyful god of Wine
26.unfathomable depth where death dwells
27.The natural goddess of the Harvest
31.The youthful god of the Sun and the Music
33.the Sacred River of the Oaths
34.Another son of chaos
36.The gloomy god of the Underworld

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