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Aurora Public Library History and Interesting Facts

Amy Roth

A puzzle that uses historical information and interesting facts about Aurora Public Library in Aurora, Ill.

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2.The original Aurora Public Library in the GAR building lacked this type of room.
5.Squabbling among the Aurora citizenry started in 1901 when discussions began about this.
7.School where the West Branch opened in 1998.
8.More than 1,000 hats knitted by library users were sent to this country in 2011.
11.The "Mini-B" makes book delivery possible to this segment of the population.
15.This was found when The Beacon-News building was being demolished. (two words.)
19.Who wrote the Aurora Public Library history that is on the library's website?
20.This was the 2010 Fox Valley Reads title.
22.In the Winter, 2011 newsletter, this began to appear.
24.The library received one of these for $10 million to defray the cost of the library.
25.Food donations are traded for these in March and November.
26.This lady has a food pantry named for her and also is immortalized in a statue in front of the Main Library.
28.This library center opened in 2012.
30.The staff of this daily newspaper called in 1902 for the library to be built "for the future."
31.Burr Winton first broached the issue of a public library for Aurora. What was his occupation?
33.In what month of 1904 did the new Carnegie library in Aurora open?
34.The look of the Carnegie Library in Aurora was completely changed when its size was ____________.
35.Squabbling started again in the early 1900s when the library discussion turned to this architectural quandary. .
36.During remodeling, this department was moved from the Main Floor into a former basement storage area.
38.The architectural firm that designed the new Aurora Public Library also designed this college campus.
39.The first radio disc jockey who emceed a Library Teen Talent Show and Competition.
1.The man who made the bookmobile book bin for the Express Center also makes these.
3.This ceremony was held on May 1, 2013, for a new library building.
4.The Teen Advisory Board Lock-in was held at this location in 2013.
6.This great philanthropist gave $50,000 to pay for a new library for Aurora.
9.Eleanor Plain wrote a letter to the Illinois State Library in 1953 to request one of these.
10.The Aurora GAR building is designed after the GAR in this Massachusetts town.
12.School where Fox Valley Branch was located in 1989, also the name of the city's founders.
13.This organization helps raise funds for library projects.
14.Remodeling of the Carnegie building began in 1941 and took this many years.
16.Fox Valley Reads 2011 sponsored this on the site of the new library.
17.This owner of the land that the library purchased on which to build a new building passed away in March, 2011.
18.The Eola Road Branch opened in 1993, and is shared with this park district. (two words)
21.In 2011, it became possible for this segment of the population to get library cards at Aurora Public Library.
23.This system will help track library materials.
27.This library in central Illinois was one visited to get ideas about a new library design for the Aurora Public Library.
29.Catch a Bunch of Authors will celebrate this anniversary in 2013.
30.The first of these library services opened at Oak Park School in 1909.
32.Schoppe Design Associates is handling this aspect of the new library.
37."Football for Dummies" was a TAB-run program at which location?

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