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1 2 3
5                 6  
  7       8
12         13        
14                       15        
  17 18            
19                 20      

4.the tip of island that water meets first
5.being forceful or threatening the use of force
9.a glimpse of light
13.a length of a band around a horse's belly to hold the saddle
14.earning little from the land due to poor soil
15.a long narrow boat that is paddled
16.a large bottom feeder cold water fish
18.belonging to the time actually passing
19.of being under the water
20.a present that one is not expecting
1.having the ability to cause harm
2.a Cree community just south of the James bay on the Moose River
3.what one would do with an oar of a boat
6.the process by which soil and rock are are lost from the Earth's surface
7.a fresh water crustaceans resembling small lobsters
8.the openning of a river into a larger body of water
10.the top side or what one sees first
11.those of our family that have come before us
12.those that move about
17.a large body of water like a bay

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