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The 10 Plagues

District Convention

Jehovah sent Moses to ask Pharaoh to let the Israelites go for 3 days to worship in the wilderness. Pharoah refused, so Jehovah brought 10 plagues. Read Bible Story 31-33, then see if you can complete the crossword!

2         3   4  
6             7      
  8                     9
12                   13
14   15            
    17     18     19    

1.Aaron threw his stick on the floor, and it turned ino this
2.These will eat anything and everything! (8th plague)
6.The one Jehovah's angel killed if there was no blood on the doorpost (10th plague)
8.The 7th plague, 2 things that can be scary! _______ and ____ (7, 4)
10.Moses held this over the water to part it
12.This lasted for 3 days, but only where the Egyptians lived (9th plague)
15.What relation to Moses was Aaron?
16.The Nile River turned to this (1st plague)
17.The fourth plague, like the third, but only against the Egyptians (3, 5)
20.Moses threw some ash in the air, and they caused this disease (6th plague)
21.Aaron hit the ground, and the dust became these (3rd plague)
1.Pharoah had 600 of these (7, 8)
3.The musical instrument Moses' sister played when they were safe
4.2 things the men and women did when they were safe ____ and _____ (4, 5)
5.This happened to the cattle, sheep and goats. They ____ (5th plague)
7.The name of the Sea that the Israelites crossed
9.The King of Egypt is called this
11.The annual celebration that came from the 10th plague
13.The Name of Moses' sister
14.Jehovah put this between his people and the Egyptians so they could not see them
18.These came out of the Nile River (2nd plague)
19.The direction the wind came from to part the sea

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