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Early Church

René Risch

What happened in the beginning

1 2 3
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4.The jewish holiday on which120 believers gathered to seek God's guidance
6.the Roman province of Israel
7.One of the first deacons was a man by the name of...
9.This man became emperor in 54 AD
11.These people assisted in administering the needs and welfare of the converts to Christianity.
12.The followers of Jesus Christ are known by this word
14.Paul was treated this way before the birth of Christ
18.He defeated Pompey to become the first dictator of Rome
19.The area around the Mediterranean sea in the time of Jesus' birth.
20.The first sermon led to 3000 people being... (with a 'z')
21.Stephen was stoned to death and thus became a ...?
22.He rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem
23.The followers of Jesus when he roamed the earth.
24.On the way to this city Saul was struck down by a blinding light.
26.In the year AD 33 an important yet gruelling event happened to jesus.
27.A modern abbreviation for the era before Christ
1.The abbreviation AD
2.When people are unfairly treated because of their faith.
3.The famous Christian missionary who previously persecuted the Christians
5.The centre of the Jewish Religion in Jerusalem.
8.Jesus gave his disciples somebody who would give them new power
10.The procurator in AD 26-36
13.The city in which the temple was destroyed in AD 70
15.The town where Jesus lived most of his life.
16.what does BC stand for?
17.The person who delivered the first Christian sermon
20.This man sponsored Paul and joined him on his missionary journeys
25.Rome was destroyed by a ...

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