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Educational Trivia

Khrishma Mandalia

1 2 3   4     5  
6       7             8       9          
    11           12    
    14         15            

3.The Indian City which houses the world’s largest school (7)
6.Lack of enthusiasm for education, suspicion of education and ‘high culture’ names (4-15)
11.The number of honorary degrees from British universities that were bestowed at the same time on Nelson Mandela in July 1996 (5)
14.How many stages are there in the British education system (5)
15.The first schools where set up the Greeks and which other race (7)
17.This university has the greatest number of ducks per square metre (10 2 4)
19.These were established for the poor in 1700 (7 7)
21.A sport that 19th century students at Cambridge University help develop (8)
22.The South East university that bestowed Nelson Mandela with an honorary degree (6)
23.The first boarding school to be established in UK (10 7)
24.The smallest Church of England First School is the smallest in the UK (4 6)
25.The PM in power when Ofsted was created (4 5)
1.This South East city was the site for the UKs first grammar school (10)
2.University of Plymouth successfully disprove a myth about this particular animal in 2003 (8)
4.Since 1970 most 11 year olds have all gone on to this type of local school (14)
5.The organisation was created in 1992 under the Education (Schools) Act (6)
7.Free secondary education The Education Act of 1944 brought in this important change (4 9 9)
8.In 2008 under a government act the last age for leaving compulsory education was increased to this age (8)
9.The futuristic dystopian film was shot using Brunel University’s ‘Brutalist’ 1960s architecture as a backdrop (1 9 6)
10.The twentieth century year were women allowed to study courses, sit exams and gain degrees at Cambridge (5 5)
12.Bangor University is the only one in the UK with one of these for thier own research (4)
13.What the ‘s’ in UCAS stands for (7)
16.1839 who was appointed as the Permanent Secretary when the Education Department was established: Sir James ___? (3-12)
18.The computer science department at the University of Abertay, Dundee, runs this course as a world’s first course (7)
19.First king of England king to be concerned about the education of poor boys (6)
20.Which part of the UK has its own single examination board (8)

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