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Computer Jargon

Here's a computer jargon crossword puzzle. Try to figure out which terms match the clues given below. : ) Good luck!

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    9 10
  11         12   13          

1.action used to open a context-sensitive menu (2 Words)
3.word processing software (2 Words)
4.long horizontal bar at the bottom of the Windows desktop
6.shows the active address path and window's location (2 Words)
8.a file attached to an email by the sender
11.electronic mail
13.a common search engine
14.where deleted files go before they are permanently erased (2 Words)
15.key usually located at the top left corner of your keyboard which, when pressed, cancels your current task
18.the process of closing down a computer when you're done with it
19.permanent storage for data such as a document, graphical image, spreadsheet or database
20.usually C:// (2 Words)
2.a specific software used for browsing the internet on Windows (2 Words)
5.the action of clicking and holding to move icons around
7.when clicked, makes the window fill the entire screen
9.popup window which gives a message and requires a response from the user (2 Words)
10.the action of pressing the left mouse button twice quickly (2 Words)
12.program window used to access files and folders on the computer (2 Words)
16.to store a file on a permanent storage device such as a disk or drive
17.pressing on this button causes the start menu to appear.

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