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1                     2  
  3 4
5                                 6              
7 8      
  9                                         10  
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  14                   15             16                    
  17             18   19         20            
        22 23               24  
25                 26                    
            27   28          
            30 31                 32
          34     35       36    
37 38                                              
      41                 42        
  43         44                      
      46                     47  
48                                     49        
51                             52                    
54                   55          
  58         59            

1.If you need money, you can ask for a _____________ (2 Words) (2 Words)
5.to change an agreement (4 Words)
6.to work a part of the day or week (2 Words) (2 Words)
9.contains a detailed breakdown of the pay you have earned and the deductions taken from it. (3 Words) (3 Words)
12.concerned with the ordinary and regular issues of a company. (2 Words) (4 Words)
13.A '____________ career' is one which takes a lot of effort and/or time.
14.employers tell their employees that they are going to lose their jobs. (3 Words) (3 Words)
16.If a salary is good, we can say that it is
17.A '__________ contract' is one which cannot be legally avoided or stopped.
19.management that is determined to do well and using strong methods to achieve success.
21.a reduction in the amount of pay you are given (2 Words) (2 Words)
23.you lose your job for disciplinary, not economic, reasons. (2 Words) (2 Words)
25.to take time away from work to study or travel, usually while continuing to be paid. (4 Words)
28.the amount earned after deductions (2 Words) (2 Words)
29.money that you get from your employer, either as a wage or as a salary
31.If you have had a ' __________ career', you have a very good one.
33.If you have a '________ career', you have done lots of different jobs.
35.money owed to you by your employer for work done in the past which has not yet been paid. (2 Words)
38.the amount you are paid depends on the quality/quantity of your work. (2 Words) (3 Words)
41.Term when you persuade people to work
42.The salary before any extras such as bonuses
44.the salary that is paid per hour of work (2 Words (2 Words)
45.there is a job available because a new post has been created or a person has left.
46.the salary before anything is deducted for contributions and tax (2 Words) (2 Words)
48.The top people in a company (2 Words) (2 Words)
49.A '________ contract' is one that has legal force.
50.an increase in pay (2 Words) (2 Words)
51.are your academic or professional diplomas
52.a salary that is a good one for that particular job
53.an extra amount of money paid as a reward on top of your fixed salary
54.to find out more about or take further action on something. (2 Words)
55.you establish a new job which didn't previously exist
56.A '___________ career', is one which is respected for its extremely high standard.
57.The tax which is paid on the money you earn (2 Words) (2 Words)
58.money paid to workers when they are made redundant (2 Words) (2 Words)
60.A'__________ contract' is one which can be continued after it has finished by a new one.
2.A claim that an employee was forced to leave his job because of the actions/behavior of the employer (2 Words) (2 Words)
3.fail to do something as fast as required (2 Words)
4.Management that lacks the determination to carry out difficult decisions or actions
7.A detail of all the duties, responsibilities and personal qualities necessary for a specific job. (2 Words) (2 Words)
8.concerned with the long-term management of the company (2 Words) (2 Words)
10.A '_________ career' is one where there are no notable achievements.
11.do or pay extra to cover a difference
15.Is the knowledge acquired through time already spent in work, in different jobs.
18.A claim that an employer dismissed an employee for no good reason. (2 Words) (2 Words)
20.Another term for fire
22.term for the group of managers in a company (2 Words) (2 Words)
24.is a higher rate of pay for working more than the usual hours or unsocial hours
26.A '____________' is when the person does something which breaks the terms of the contract. (3 Words) (3 Words)
27.Term when you employ someone
30.This is the term when you dismiss them from their job, usually because of something they did.
32.You approach possible employee because you think they are well-qualified for the job and offer them the job.
34.you tell your employer that you are going to leave the company. (4 Words) (4 Words)
36.the amount per hour (or some other period) that you are paid (2 Words) (2 Words)
37.Is a range of different pay rates which people will receive depending on various factors (e.g. their grade in the company, their qualifications, their years in the company.) (2 Words) (2 Words)
39.An '____________ contract' is one which prevents the person from working with other people.
40.The range of salaries available. (2 Words) (2 Words)
43.hours outside of the normal working week (2 Words) (2 Words)
47.When you start a job, you will receive your ___________ salary
59.you ask a company for a job

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