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Horse Review Game!

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1.a bony ridge that begins at the base of the neck and runs into the back
3.what a horse is doing when her ears are swiveling
4.behind the jaw where the head connects to the neck
5.the strap or straps that run over your horse’s head and sit behind his ears at his poll
7.a triangular metal frame that the rider's foot sits in while riding
10.how a horse's ears are when he's feeling annoyed, angry, or territorial
13.joint between the gaskin and the hind cannon bone
15.the part of the bridle that goes over the horses's nose
17.the side you mount from and lead on
18.part of the head, at the top of the neck and between the ears
2.one of the horse's blind spots
5.the first piece used in grooming a horse
6.the muscle above the hock
8.bones that lies between the knee and fetlock on the front legs and between the hock and fetlock on the hind legs
9.located underneath the flap and used for attaching the girth to the saddle
11.the stirrup leather should reach from your knuckles to here
12.portion of the spinal column after the ribs, between the back and croup
14.upper part of the hindquarters between the loin and the tail pommel: the area at the front of the saddle
16.the part of the saddle that the rider sits on while riding

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