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Emergency Room

Beginning Class 07/25/2013

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1.I check in at the ___ desk.
5.____ Area means do not enter.
7.There are four people in the ___ room.
8.Mia is getting ___ on her hand.
9.Bill is wearing a ___ on his leg.
14.A patient lies or sits on a ___.
15.Lupe's son has a fever of 102 degrees ___.
16.Alex is holding his ___.
18.Students in wheelchairs use the ___ to get in.
19.Fred feels ___.
20.You can take x-rays in ___.
2.Nina has a ___ ankle.
3.The doctor is checking Kevin's heartbeat with a ___.
4.The patients are wearing ___.
6.The doctor is exhausted and has dark eye ___.
10.Fred is ___ up into the trashcan.
11.I used ___ to walk when I broke my leg.
12.Tommy's arm is ___, so he is using a sling.
13.You should put an ___ ___ on your knee if it is swollen.
17.Alice has a ___ on her hand.

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