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Basic Facts in Judaism

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2.The ancient language of the Hebrews (Jews) and official language of Israel.
3.First section of the Hebrew bible. It contains the first five books of the Old Testament.
8.The Jewish central place for community worship
10.The religion of the Jews
11.A person whose religion is Judaism
13.Six pointed star symbol usually found on the outside of Synagogues and is also on the flag of Israel
14.One of the most important of the Jewish prayers which declares the oneness of God The Shema takes its name from the opening word ‘Hear’. “Hear, o Israel: The Lord is our God, The Lord is One” The Shema forms part of a Jew’s morning and evening prayers. It is the aim of a devout Jew to die with these words on the lips.
15.Religious Leader of the Jewish community and paid employee of the synagogue.
1.Group of Jews who live strictly by the laws of the Torah. Orthodox Jews live strictly by the laws of the Torah which they believe came directly from G-d.
4.Group of Jews who maintain tradition whilst adapting teachings to suit life in a non Jewish society.
5.Jews think that this land was promised to them by G-d as part of the covenant (agreement) between G-d and Abraham.
6.Made capital city of Israel by King David. The Holy city of Jews, Christians and Muslims
7.Of or relating to Judaism
9.The first patriarch of the Jewish people. All Jews descend from Him.
12.A name for G-d, meaning ‘Lord’
13.A prophet that G-d sent to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. He received the 10 commandments from G-d.

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