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Grandma's Special Birthday Crossword

Amy Carr


I know how much you love to do crosswords, so hopefully you will enjoy this one based upon lots of family events and stories.

Hope you enjoy today. Sorry I can't be there!!

Happy 100th!!!!

Lots of love Amy xxxx

1         2
3         4  
  5   6
7               8                  
  10   11       12            
14       15 16        
  17                   18          
    19       20             21  
  22   23        
24                             25
        26 27      
28                 29         30        
34         35
          37   38      
40         41     42   43                 44
45                         46                         47
      48                         49    
50                 51        
53       54   55            

1.Country Uncle Ron lives in
3.As children Duncan and Amy liked to sit here when eating fish and chips at your house.
7.This destroyed the hat of a very posh lady when you were on a cruise.
8.When asked you told Amanda that you had been alive long before these particular creatures.
9.Aunty Tilly was eating one of these when she pulled out her false teeth
11.This major historical event started within a year of your birth. Dad likes to joke that you caused it!! (3 Words)
13.Where Gordon Coleman placed a joke voice at your 70th birthday.
16.You wore this on your head as a young woman......it was fashionable apparently!!!
17.Duncan's reply to the following: "It's not me and Amy, its Amy and I." (3 Words)
18.You wore this under your wig because your head was too flat!
19.When mum fell over (and you laughed hysterically) this formed a big circle around her on the floor.
20.On Mum's 11th birthday, Uncle Rob destroyed her presents with this (2 Words)
24.Duncan refers to this as "turkeys arse" (2 Words)
28.In the rhyme, the little girls curl is in the middle of this
30.What coal is carried in. (It sounds like something else when said by people from Knowle!)
31.You helped Amy make some of these for my bedroom at university! (Due to my ineptitude with a sewing machine, you could still sew straighter than me even though you couldn't see what you were doing!!! (2 Words)
33.You were famous for being able to slice this thinner than anyone else.
36.Much of your winter heating allowance was spent on these
38.You always sat in front of this in your lounge.
40.The subject Duncan teaches
41.The card game we used to play where Aunty Tilly always got the colors muddled.
43.You can make this by hitting something with a hammer!!!
45.As a small child, this is what Duncan called a flying vehicle with a large overhead propellor.
46.How Amy said you made your patients better during the war! (3 Words)
48.You were worried this had broken when you fell down and lost your wig. (2 Words)
50.It takes Mum this many hours to make herself beautiful!
51." can I press you to a ........"
52.Most people can't eat this raw (only if its flavouring biscuits) but you love it, especially covered in chocolate.
53.The part of the house where mum had her spectacular fall, which kept you laughing for days!!!
55.You were stopped by police because you, Mum and Rob were all crowded on one of these (so you went round the corner and all got back on!!!!)
56.The day in September when you used to celebrate your birthday before your parents checked your birth certificate
57.The square root of your current age (had to put one in there for Dad!)
2.You drove one of these in the war
4.Uncle Ron flew one of these in the war.
5.The name of Amy's teddy who made frequent visits to your "hospital"
6.Name of our Guinea Pig who we often all had to chase around the garden to catch.
7.The fish that posh people eat.
10.The place where you and Mum often went for your weekly lunches.
11.Your Christmas stocking always contains several tubs of cream which claim to get rid of these.
12.You do the crosswords in this paper everyday, but Dad wouldn't even let the rabbit and guinea pig read it!, (2 Words)
14.The room in Mum and Dads house which Duncan named after your sister. (2 Words)
15.The country where Amy lives. (2 Words)
21.The famous person that Uncle Rob likes to impersonate
22.The name of your last dog.
23.You were well known for always bringing these to church. (2 Words)
25.Mum and Dad's kitchen is full of animal ornaments that you helped buy. One child said it looked as though this animal was eating the flowers.
26.These high up summer flower arrangements received much watering when you came to visit (2 Words)
27.In the rhyme, the bald headed young man has these on his feet
29.You love to eat these sweets that come from the Middle East (2 Words)
32.The color of the sofa Duncan bought for his bedroom. You said it would "show up everything"
34.The name of the lady who sent you a special telegram/letter today.
35.A favourite Saturday night takeaway option after you, Aunty Irene and Aunty Tilly had played scrabble.
36.On Christmas Day before the Queens Speech everyone tries to guess this (2 Words)
37."Excuse my fingers, my ....................." (3 Words)
39.If Mum started this activity, she usually tries to hide it from you, because you always groan and say that she will never finish the item that she has started.
42.Duncan hit Amy on the head with one of these
44.The only type of footwear you would be seen wearing around town. (2 Words)
47.Amy used to say that you would do this in heaven.
49."Why was the office floor wet?" "Because the ............!"
54.When you saw a photo of mum and you, your response was, "don't I look good! And Joy's ....... Is nice!"

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