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Vacation FUN!

1 2         3 4     5
    7     8      
  9       10
  11 12     13              
    16 17  
18               19
20     21            
22                 23      
  25   26              
  27 28 29            
          31   32     33
34           35        

2.Late night snack choice after a sing-a-long
4.Closing act of talent show
7.Photographed best from the Point
13.Takes hours to make and just seconds to break
15.Residence of Willie
18.Beach with sand castles
21.An adjective used to describe a bun served after a talent show
22.Worst sing-a-long song EVER
24.Sunday night competition
26.Cabin 11 pastime
29.Popular breakfast muffin
30.The "American" nickname for the Evergreen mascot
31.Another term for cozy cottages
34.Color of spiral slide on playground
35.Game with pockets
1.Tuck Shop staple
3.A town coming and going where weary travels stop to eat
5.The length of a popular road leading in
6.Canadian condiment for fries
8.Type of dance
9.A human-powered watercraft
10.Sport played on a table or a court
11.Colour of popular Canadian Cream Soda
12.Common pain experienced by someone every year
16.Dessert topping
17.Narrow boat and breeding ground for spiders
19.A guaranteed 6
20.Home of glass-bottom boats and Flower Pot Island
23.Adjacent resort
25.The official "Canadian" name of the Evergreen mascot
27.Body of water
28.Famous Horton
32.Instrument used to call guests to gather
33.Suzie likes it warmed up

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