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Words With 'ar' and 'are'

Heather White

Uses the 'ar' and 'are' spelling words our Year 2 classes are learning this week.

1 2
3       4          
6 7    
12 13

3.To ride on a train, a bus or the CityCat you must pay your f _ _ _ _
4.There are 100 cents in a d _ _ _ _ _.
5.When you reach the place you are going. You must a_ _ _ _ e at school on time.
8.Pinocchio could not tell the truth because he was a l _ _ _ .
10.To look at something without blinking.
11.Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard had no food; it was _ _ _ _.
14.This is what we call the energy we receive from the sun.
15.If it is caused by the moon or belongs to the moon, it is l _ _ _ _.
1.A hat and sunglasses to help with the bright gl _ _ _ of the sun.
2.If a person breaks the law, the police might a _ _ _ _ t you and you will have to go to jail.
6.Something that is not easy to find because there are not many to find.
7.Please make sure you s _ _ _ _ the pencils with everyone.
9.If you have a pet you must _ _ _ _ for it.
10.Lollies, cakes and soft drinks contain s_ _ _ _ and it can damage your teeth.
12.Antarctica and the Artic are both p_ _ _ _ regions
13.To take a risk and do something because someone says you should.

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