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Crossword puzzle - Fruit

1 2
  3     4      
8           9
  11         12

3.usually has a higher fat content
5.use to make marmalade
6.likened to people having an excess of body fat around hips and bottom
8.usually has a higher sugar content
10.The only fruit to have seeds on the outside is
11.Papain is a natural digestive aid that is found naturally in
13.According to American research, which fruit is No. 1 when it comes to antioxidants
14.Chinese Gooseberry is another name for
1.What fruit are 'water', 'cantaloupe', and 'honeydew' all types of?
2.comes in 'bunches', has an easy to peel yellow skin
4.grow on the tree that the young George Washington chopped down
6.What fruit is needed to make a 'Pina Colada' cocktail and it grown in Hawaii?
7.the symbol of long life in China
9.was traditionally stepped on by foot to make wine
12.gave Sir Isaac Newton a headache

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