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Tour Planning


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5.Thomas cook railway timetable that is published monthly
8.These consist of two or more rooms, typically a living room and a bedroom
12.refers to the various publications that can be found regarding information on travel and tourism
14.Prepares and publishes information on hotels, cruise ships and other facilities
15.It tends to be the most expensive of the three interview methods
17.Subjects are asked why they chose a certain course of action
18.A guide featuring destinations throughout the world
19.The day room can be used to “freshen up” before leaving the hotel.
20.A payment system upon departure from the hotel
22.A portion of the lobby set aside for receiving luggage and distributing it to the rooms
24.A directory listing hotels worldwide
26.The essentials of this method are the measurement of variations within one or more activities.
30.Data is recorded immediately, these systems tend to be faster and less expensive than traditional methods
31.A staff member who provides assistance for guests, such as help in obtaining theatre tickets
32.This is a small refrigerator containing sweets, savouries and beverages
33.These can be conducted rapidly and at less cost than personal interviews
35.A respondent should be able to give accurate information relatively easily
36.Provided free of charge at some hotels, this service includes removing the bedspread
37.This includes the reception desk, concierge, and guest services desk and porter services
38.A respondent is asked to express an opinion or make an evaluation or appraisal
39.This department cleans, tidies and maintains the bedrooms in the hotel
40.Thomas cook railway timetable that is published 6 times a year
42.Published rate for the room
44.A GDS
45.A regular size room: this type of room would offer the best location & view,
46.Rate offered to Tour Operators
1.A reservation system used by Hotels
2.Published annually by the global car rental corporations
3.A Meal plan also referred to as Half Board
4.The systematic, impartial designing and conducting of investigations to solve travel and tourism problems
6.This method tends to be accurate and it can directly record consumer behaviour. It also reduces interviewer bias
7.Data that is original and is gathered for the specific purpose of solving the travel research problem
9.A reservation system used by Tour Operators
10.A reservation system used by SAA
11.Have the potential to be the lowest-cost method of research
13.A reservation system used by Avis
16.Use of these machines is a low-cost method of getting consumer information because the questions are self-administere
21.This publication is compiled from embassies, high commissions, tour operators & national tourist offices
23.The GDS links all the reservations to the passenger by use of a “file”
25.Small complimentary items placed in the room
27.This is a registration system that is used upon arrival at the hotel
28.Data that has already been collected for some other purpose and is available for use
29.Offering secretarial services, fax machines, PCs, Internet access, and printers
31.A system that has improved the travel and tourism industry’s ability to manage demand,
34.Jointly published by IATA and (SITA)
41.A reservation system used by SANParks
43.This is the travel agent’s source of all accurate information

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