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Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

1 2
  4 5    
8   9     10    

3.anything that is visible or tangible and stable in form
6.A base that the sculptor uses to build up the sculpture in plaster, clay, or other materials
7.involving or consisting of lines, looking like a line, narrow and elongated
9.The diameter of wire
11.having height, width, and depth; a thing existing in space
13.the edge or outline of a form, the meeting of planes; linear materials include: wire, wood, metal rod, string or any materials with a long thin shape
14.the art of expressive shaping of three-dimensional materials
1.Often referred to as building, sculpture or construction
2.the capability of being molded, taking shape or being made to receive form
3.free forms representing living things that have irregular edges
4.closed, independent, three dimensional form
5.aptitude, skill, or quality workmanship in use of tools and materials
8.The material(s) and tool(s) used by the artist to create the visual elements perceived by the viewer
10.mechanical, human -made shapes (square, circle, triangle,) with regular edges
12.A round solid figure, or its surface, with every point on its surface equidistant from its center

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