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Individual and Family Crossword Puzzle.

by Simone M. Thomas.

Read the clues and solve the puzzle.

1 2
4 5                  
8           9    
  11               12      
13     14            
    16         17       18  
20                   21            

3.assets passed on to those who are entitled
5.one woman having several husbands
6.type of family where both parents live with their children
8.relationships existing within a family.
11.descent is traced through the mother.
14.social position held by a person.
16.null or void marriage
20.mother is the head with no father around
21.financial support paid by a spouse to a spouse
22.one man having several wives
1.woman is the authority figure
2.court order to live apart
4.sexual relations among relatives
7.criminal offence of marrying while still married to someone.
9.descent is traced through the father
10.man is the authority figure
12.family consisting of two or more generations.
13.father is the head with no mother around
15.one man married to one woman
17.legally recognised relationship for which a certificate of marriage is obtained
18.brother or sister
19.legal dissolution of marriage

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