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2 3 4 5   6          
  11       12    
14 15                  
    16 17 18  
19         20            

5.Person who buys and uses goods and services.
7.Latest popular operating system of Google in smart phones
8.Type of high-speed internet access widely available.
10.Who should be concerned with safety.
11.A line of seven colors seen in sky occasionally.
15.A drink bottle largely opened on celebrations
19.Inventory of goods held for resale or for use in business
20.The exclusive right to manufacture and sell an invention
22.A period of three months.
23.Statutory body which control stock markets in India.
24.Anything that can burn.
1.The service discontinued by Department of Posts
2.The__________ attitude is supreme.
3.Expand the window to fill the screen.
4.A unit of length equal to 1000 meters.
5.The body's main source of energy.
6.Twelve P.M.
9.Little pictures that represent programs in the desktop.
12.Financial planning to spend on a particularly activity or resource, usually over a trading year.
13.The most popular wood for constructing barrels.
14.This is germinated and dried barley.
15.A mineral important for functioning of nerves, heart and the firmness of bones.
16.A unit of measurement used by brewers in some countries.
17.Alcoholic beverage.
18.A part of everyday life that needs to be controlled.
21.Nationalized bank.

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