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The life of Kimberly McCarthy

Fashawna Peoples

Women and Justice

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1.What county was McCarthy convicted in?
5.What was the name of Kimberly's neighbor that she murdered?
7.What college did Dorothy Booth work at?
8.What did kim want to borrow from Dorothy Booth?
9.What was her conviction status?
12.What form of exeuction was used to kill Kim?
14.What age was Kimberly when she was executed?
16.What year was Kimberly born?
18.What city was Kimberly executed in?
20.What type of professor was Dorothy Booth?
21.What state was Kimberly born in?
2.What was Kimberly husbands name?
3.What was Kimberly occupation?
4.What did Kim kill Dorothy with?
6.How many children did Kimberly have?
10.What did Kim pawn at the Pawn Shop?
11.How did Kim kill Dorothy?
13.What was Kimberly middle name?
15.What year was she executed?
17.What criminal charge was Kimberly charged with?
19.How many other women did McCarthy murder?

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