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Stoichiometry, Solutions and Colloids

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1.The term generally used to describe the combination of solute molecules or ions with solvent molecules. (Solutions)
6.The addition of a ________________ solute to a solvent lowers the vapor pressure. (Solutions))
10.In industry, a ____________________ in which the substance in suspension is ground in a rotating drum by steel balls or pebbles is used. (Colloids) (2 Words)
13.The term stoichiometry is derived from two Greek words: ________________ (meaning "element") and metron (meaning "measure"). Stoichiometry)
16.Magnesium sulfide results from the ___________________ between magnesium and sulfur upon heating. (Stoichiometry) (2 Words)
17.The ____________________ consists of a solid, liquid or gaseous continuous phase in which the colloidal particles of the dispersed phased are suspended. (Colloids) (2 Words)
19.This term literally means a small mass and is used as the bridge between chemistry on the atomic and macroscopic scale. (Stoichiometry)
22._______________ is a substance from skins and cores of fruits that cause the fruit juice to gel. (Colloids)
23.The combination of solute molecules or ions with molecules of water. (Solutions)
24.A ____________________ equation serves as a basis for calculating the masses of substances that react or are formed in a reaction. (Stoichiometry) (2 Words)
25.According to ____________________, upon dissociation in water, acids yield hydrogen ions, H+, while bases yield hydroxide ions, OH-. (Colloids) (2 Words)
27.The _______________ depends on the type of solvent being used and the concentration of the solution. (Solutions)
28.The units in which the mass of an atom are expressed are ____________________ units. (Stoichiometry) (2 Words)
29.Two reactants undergo a __________________ to form a new compound. (Stoichiometry) (2 Words)
30.The _______________ precipitator is a device that removes suspended colloidal particles from effluent gases in industrial smoke stalks. (Colloids)
2.____________________ involves the vaporization of the metal while immersed in a liquid medium; on cooling, the metal vapor condenses to form colloidal particles. (Colloids) (2 Words)
3.The ___________________ of an element is the weighted average of the atomic masses of the different isotopes of an element. (Stoichiometry) (2 Words)
4.Henry's Law states that, "The solubility of a gas in a liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of the gas above the __________". (Solutions)
5._______________ equations show the molar relationship of reactants and products. (Stoichiometry)
7.All salts containing _______________, perchlorate, chlorate and nitrate are soluble. (Solutions)
8.At _______________, there is no change in the net amount of dissolved solute and crystalline solute. (Solutions)
9.In _______________, which are solid solutions, atoms of one of the component metals take up positions in the crystal lattice of the other. (Solutions)
11.The ___________________ of a compound is the sum of the atomic weights of the atoms in the molecules that form these compounds. (Stoichiometry) (2 Words)
12._______________ is a weaker kind of adsorption which includes Van der Waals forces and the adsorbed material can usually remove again. (Colloids)
14.The _______________ in a balanced equation refer to the number of molecules of each reactant and each product as well as to the number of moles of each. (Stoichiometry)
15.An alternative system of _________________ uses the body's own membrane as a filter, and the fluid drained in and out of the abdomen replaces the kidneys in getting rid of the body's poisons and excess water. (Colloids) (2 Words)
18._______________ is a gold sol prepared by reducing aqueous gold salts into the free metal. (Colloids) (2 Words)
20._______________ is the only solvent that can dissolve gold. (Solutions) (2 Words)
21.He pioneered the study of colloids using gelatins and glues and in the process, discovered dialysis. Thus, he was regarded as the "Father of Colloid Chemistry". (Colloids) (2 Words)
26.The rate of dissolution is affected by several factors which are particle size, _____________, and application of heat. (Solutions)

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