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Where NOT to park

Kimi Ora

There are certain areas where you must not park. You risk being fined and/or having your vehicle towed away if you park in these areas.

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1.a word for where the firemen get water
6.where 2 roads meet
7.the end of the street
8.on this side of the road
10.a lane for buses
12.the number of metres from a corner or intersection or crossing
14.these lines are not solid lines
15.you should leave plenty of this between cars when you park
1.you can't park within this much of a meter of a fire hydrant
2.where taxis wait for passengers
3.where pedestrians walk
4.special parking zones for vans or trucks
5.the shape of a fire hydrant
9.vans and trucks are this sort of vehicle
10.where buses stop
11.when you park alongside another car
13.the colour of the lines painted near the edge of the road

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