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1 2 3 4
6               7                
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      31                   32
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42         43     44              
    45   46       47          
48               49           50        
51         52        

5.Difference between graphite and diamond (2 words)
6.The force that causes normal faults
7.These soils engineering properties are determined by mineral composition
11.Foreign rock
13.Molten rock on the Earth's surface
15.A solid, naturally occuring, inorganic solid of definite chemical composition
17.Boundaries between the Earth's layers
18.The force that causes reverse faults
20.The parent rock of marble
21.The ratio of mass to volume
24.A rock altered by heat and/or pressure
27.Aggregates with a density < 2.00 t/m3
28.The resistance of a mineral to being scratched
29.A strongly magnetic mineral
31.Soil transported by fresh water
34.Tendancy of a mineral to break along a smooth plane
35.The parent rock of quartzite
36.Mineral the upper mantle is comprised of
38.Most abundent element in the crust
41.Where the hahging wall moves downward
42.The most common type of rock in the Earth's continental crust
44.Soil that has not been eroded
45.Oceanic crust consists of it
47.The mountains at convergent plate boundaries
48.The rock folds downward
49.The least useful property used to identify minerals
50.The hardness of quartz
51.The most important weathering agent
52.The mountains at divergent plate boundaries
1.Where the hanging wall moves upward
2.Causes volcanoes that are not at plate boundaries (2 words)
3.A sedimentary rock layer is younger than the layer below it
4.Divergent oceanic plates cause this (2 words)
8.Cuts through country rock
9.The shape of the Earth
10.Rock fractures diplaying no movement
12.Aggregates that love water
14.The rock folds upward
16.Soil transported by wind
19.quartz in granite
22.Two tectonic plates colliding
23.The colour of the powdered mineral
25.Fire rocks
26.Two tectonic plates moving apart
28.Contact metamorphism is caused by this
30.A low grade metamorphic rock
32.Metamorphic rock type caused by high pressure
33.Rock bent, not fractured
35.Most common mineral group in the Earth's crust
37.Sedemintary rocks formed from rock particles
39.A high grade metamorphic rock
40.Underground igneous rock body
43.the softest mineral
46.The force that causes strike-slip faults
47.Rock fractured by movement

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