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Domenic Savini

The Financial Reporting Environment

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1.Financial accounting is contrasted with ______ accounting
5.____ users cannot obtain all necessary information solely from....
6.Method which is preferablet to the cash basis
8.The effort to harmonize U.S. GAAP and IFRS
9.How do I remember recognition criteria?
10.They receive resources from providers who don't expect an exchange
14.10-Q is the ______ report to the SEC
15.Financial information should be______in making decisions
17.___ equity implies that current citizens should treat future citizens with equity
18.A government budget is the embodiment of decisions & a legally binding control___
19.Increases in equity other than from revenues or investments by owners
20.Certain _______ underlie the environment in which the reporting entity operates
22.Primary standard setter for state and local
25.Information is timely when it is ______ in time to influence decisions
26.FASB identified _______ key stakeholder groups
27.Substance over ________ guides accountants
29.The conservatism constraint is a response to ______
31.For sale of goods, IFRS revenue is recognized when ____conditions are met.
32.Fundamental qualitative charcateristics are relevance and ______ representation
33._____ tend to be less detailed than U.S. GAAP
35.Something has confirmatory value if it provides _______
36.Probable future economic benefits obtained or controlled by.....
38.Managerial accounting information is primarily directed to ____ users
41.Every business is assumed to be a ____concern
42.Something has predictive value if it can be used as an ______
44.Its mission is global
46.SEC regulation _____ governs the reporting of financial statements
47.Describing the accounting policies used is done in _______
50.The structure of government has_____ inherent control characteristics
2.The conversion of noncash resources into money
3.Information about cash flows is helpful in understanding ________
4.The formal incorporation of an item in the financial statements
7.______ Rule 203
8.This constraint is a limit on reporting
11.______ purpose financial statements
12.Revenue recognition and the _____ principle go hand-in-hand
13.Systematic and rational assignment or distribution of an amount
16.Probable future sacrifices of economic benefits arising from.....
21.Empowered by Congress to establish principles for financial
23.Use of ____ accounting is an inherent control characteristic
24.8-K must be filed within ___ business days after the material event occurs
28.Stakeholders of for-profit entities are primarily concerned about _____ return
30.Representation is faithful if it is complete, free from error and _______
31.Establishes GAAP for businesses
34.Establishes GAAP for the federal government
37.Not-for-profit entities have no ______ indicator of performance like net income.
39.How do I remember Enhancing Qualitative Characteristics?
40.10-K for large accelerated filers must be filed within ___ days of the last day of the fiscal year
43.The theory that incorporates time value of money concepts
45.SEC regulation ______provides disclosure standards
48.The FASB Codification is one of ____ sources of authoritative guidance
49.SEC regulation ______applies to small business issuers

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