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Otterman Empire Terms Crossword

Mr Armstrong

The Otterman Empire was an interesting and exciting part of the worlds history. Lets see if we can complete the below crossword puzzle and see how much we know about the Otterman Empire.

Good Luck!

5         6      
7 8      
  12   13                  
14               15   16  
18         19        

2.A non-believer or follower of a different religion from one's own
3.The mountainous area of the south east Europe from Bulgaria in the north to Greece in the south
5.European Christian soldiers who fought Muslims for the control of Palestine, mainly from 1095 - 1250
9.One of the two great religious sects of Islam, which regards the first four caliphs as legitimate sucessors of mohammed
13.The old name given to Constantinople
14.Christians in western Europe who accepted the Pope as their spiritual leader
17.________ Horn is the strip of water on the northern side of Constantinople
18.The people of the ______ is the term Muslims use to refer to Christians and Jews who share with them the Jewish Bible (the Christian Old Testament)
20.Depots where those on camel caravans could stay overnight
21.The _________ east now described by the United Nations as Western Asia - those areas between Europe in the west and India and China in the east
1.The Ottoman practice of capturing young Christian men, converting them to Islam, and training them to be palace staff
4.A mystical sect with Islam
6.A narrow strip of water on the water providing the entrance from the Mediterranean sea to the Black Sea
7._________ religion was founded by Mohammed that arose in Saudi Arabia in the 7th century CE; it rose out of Judaism and Christianity sharing with them the belief that there was only one god
8.______ Road was the main trade route between China and the west
10.The art of beautiful handwriting
11.Self-governing religious community within the Otterman Empire
12.Refers to those Christians of eastern Europe who mainly spoke Greek and whose spiritual leader was the patriarch in Contantinople
15.One of the slender towers at the outside corners of a mosque, with a gallery at the top for the call to prayer
16.Moving from place to place, usually with herds of animals, according to the season and food supply
19.An ancient market place

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