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Credit card benifits and features

Amber Murphy

A job aid to help employees understand the benefits and features of the credit cards we offer.

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1.This business card allows customers to make minimum monthly payments
5.an employee must _____ make a change to the paper copy of a business credit application, only the customer can make changes
6.The percent customers save on each purchase when they use any Lowe's Credit Card
7.Lowe's Accounts _________ must be paid in full each month
12.A payment processed in the store must be done on what computer program
13.Acceptable forms of ID when processing a LBR app are Drivers License, Military ID, State ID, and a _______
14.Where customers get 2x the points on purchases when they uses their Lowe's Business Rewards card
15.NEVER attempt to explain to a customer why an application was not _______
16.This business card has a rewards based program on purchases
17.Unless the company is a sole proprietorship never put the customers SSN in place of the ____ ID number
1.This business card allows card holders to put their employees on an authorized list of buyers
2.LBR points can be redeemed for Lowe's or American Express _____ cards
3.Payments on a LBR card can not be made with a _____ card
4.Having a _______ guaranty on the application form will help the chances of the app being approved
8.The number of months a cust can make fixed payments with a purchase over 3,500 on their LCC
9.All of Lowe's credit cards include no _____ fee
10.how many months is our normal no intest financing on purchases over $299 on LCC
11._____ forms of all business credit cards MUST be filled out
15.The Lowe's Business Rewards card is accepted everywhere______ is accepted

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