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Photosynthesis and glycolysis

Elle R.

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1.2nd phase in glycolysis pathway in w/c ATP id produced
8.Energy investment that is required to start glycolysis
9.It is where photosynthesis occurs
12.Process by w/c. light energy breaks down a molecule
13.Breaks down pyruvate
15.One of the discoverers of the most common type of glycolysis
19.3-carbon end product of glycolysis
22.Carbon-fixing enzyme of the Calvin-Benson cycle
23.Thylakoid membrane is folded upon itself forming many disks
24.One of the products of photosynthesis
25.Final acceptor of electrons in the 3rd stage of aerobic respiration
26.Light-independent reactions occur here
27.Molecule that is not formed during glycolysis
28.Thylakoid space
2.Makes their own food
3.Cluster of pigments that converts light energy to chemical in photosynthesis
4.Metabolic pathway that converts glucose into pyruvate
5.Involving the presence of oxygen
6.Main photosynthetic pigment
7.Uses the energy of sunlight to form carbohydrates from CO2 and H2O
8.Occurring in the absence of oxygen
10.Krebs cycle breaks down this to CO2
11.It is where light-dependent occurs
14.Reactions of glycolysis occurs here
16.Discoverer of Krebs cycle
17.Energy source
18.Allows water vapor and gases to diffuse across the epidermis
19.Packets of energy
20.Most common type of glycolysis
21.Used to capture the energy of sunlight

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