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Scientific Method

Ms. Arrington

Assess knowledge of Scientific Method

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1._______________________data are descriptions and involve characteristics that cannot be counted.
3.A ______________________is a scientific explanation for a set of observations.
6.A hypothesis must be able to be ______________________.
9.Science begins with an ______________________.
11.The ____________________ from the experiment is used to determine if the hypothesis is proven or disproven.
12.The _______________________ variable is deliberately changed by the scientist.
14.Data collected must be organized and _________________.
16.Only use ____________ variable at a time.
17.A series of steps is a ______________________.
18.A hypothesis can be stated as an "____ and then" statement.
19.A broad and comprehensive statement of what is thought to be true.
2.An experiment is based on a comparison between a control group and an ______________________ group.
4.A controlled ___________________ works with one variable at a time.
5.The dependent variable ___ the one observed during the experiment.
7.____________________ is information gathered from making observations.
8._______________________data are numbers and are obtained by counting or measuring.
10.The factors in an experiment that can be changed are called _______________.
13.A problem or a _________________must first be identified.
15.Science deals only with the ______________________ world.

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