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digestion nutrition

Burke Hall

1     2
4   5     6              
7     8   9              
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  13   14
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  26   27          
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36                   37              
  40         41                

1.we should not have too much of this nutririent
4.this lining protects the stomach from the acid
6.A B C D E K are special kinds of nutrients
7.nutrients are deliered to the rest of the body by
9.makes insulin
10.this type of digestion takes place in the small intestine
12.this nutirent is found meat
15.these chemicals help speed up digestion
18.this tube carries food but does not digest it
20.a really good source of protein
21.another name for sugar
22.we should drink a lot of this during the day
25.another word for chewing starting with M
28.the name of the movement of food through the esophagus
29.gastirc juice is found here
33.the name of the acid in the digestive tract
36.eating all the healthy foods so it is called a ......... diet
37.a disease of the pancreas
38.this is where we reabsorb water from the digestive tract
39.the end product of excretory system . When you need to go
40.major organ of the body and cleans up toxins in the blood
41.produces saliva
2.breaksdown starch in the mouth
3.calcium, zinc , iron are nutrients called
5.fiber keeps this part of the intestines healthy
8.a major lifestyle problem especially in young children
11.this type of digestion happens in the mouth mainly
13.helps break up fat
14.the length of the small intestine
16.this has 3 parts to it
17.stores bile
19.the first part of the small intestine
23.hydrochloric acid pepsin makes up this digestive chemical
24.hair like projections for absorbing nutrients
26.this nutrient is where we get most of our energy from
27.used by mouth to brealk up food
30.this is where the main nutrients are absorbed through the villi
31.when we digest food we absorb these to help us live
32.filters the blood
34.we use this machine if the kidneys fail
35.final part of the large intestine

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