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Call Center Customer

Jerilyn Collins

1 2 3 4
5           6              
  10             11    
15   16                    
        17 18           19  
    21 22                      
23               24  

5.The official title of the overall goal Hint: don' fight/long hair don't care (2 Words)
6.A customer that is netural on last agent transaction is ________________
7.A fact about the product
8.What does the acronym NPS stand for? (3 Words)
9.accompanies a $48 ETF (3 Words)
10.Protects the customer (2 Words)
13.accompanies a $240 ETF (3 Words)
15.It's all about the customer's_____________________
17.Site 135
20.Official name for this--Is there anything else I can help you with? (2 Words)
22.Site 182 (2 Words)
23.Customer highly likely will recommend Cox
25.take it off I don't need it (customer type) (2 Words)
26.Customer receives invite to participate in this
1.I found a better deal and I'm outta here ( customer type?)
2.Smaller goals that lead to bigger, better goals Hint: not the kind you wear on your head! (2 Words)
3.One call that's all (3 Words)
4.The "Best" Region in the nation
11.Record up to 6 shows "say what!!"
12.Official name for the Bun "Bundles" Hint: its a ship but not the kind you sail (2 Words)
14.This customer is not likely to recommend Cox
16.customer intent to disco/downgrade likes the service just can't afford (customer type?) (2 Words)
18.What does ETF stand for?
19.Some granfathered customers receive this bundle discount
21.You got any deals I need to lower my bill (customer type?)
24.customer treatment engine that recommends the best solution

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