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1 2               3
4 5        
    7       8      
10           11             12        
16 17           18              
  19     20       21 22        
23                   24     25  
  26     27                    
28           29           30              
31 32       33                 34       35        
37             38        
        40                   41     42      
43                     44            
  45             46  
47           48            
50             51  

2.the spooky formation in the upper corners of old homes (2 Words)
4.bad weather
7.one who uses telepathy
9.broken into many pieces
10.a tale passed down from generation to generation
11.an old TV may do this
12.an opaque creature
15.a depressing or pitiful looking place
16.wolf speak
18.how you say "go away" to a vampire
19.a man's final accommodations
23.a sick person may do this to call for help
24.could mean not smart or poorly lit
26.a flash of electricity
28.tiny voices all around
30.take this on your journey through the dark forest
33.big ben does this (3 Words)
36.able to see through
38.pursue someone or something
40.completely unable to move from fear
41.grandmother's fruit may be doing this
43.without inhabitants
44.what a vampire uses to ready your neck for drinking
45.the cloth covering of a window
47.the delicious material between skin and bones
48.he wants to suck your blood
50.used to describe a mouse or an old door
52.annoying sound of an old floor
53.tiny water droplets near the earth's surface
1.caged and nowhere to go
3.a terriying yell (2 Words)
5.an above ground enclosure for the deceased in a cemetery
6.a cold feeling
8.where people are chased in a haunted house
9.to be screaming at a high pitch
13.one who rids demons
14.instant messenger between the living and the dead (2 Words)
15.a form of energy from the remnants of an intelligent being
17.unable to see through
20.this causes people to go crazy and ocean tides to change (2 Words)
21.the storm's symphony (2 Words)
22.what family members will use to find you
25.you can use this to light the way
27.poison for a vampire or demon (2 Words)
29.running fingernails over a surface
31.if you watch a scary movie before bed, you may have one
32.cemeteries and old hospitals may be this
34.you should be doing this before you enter
35.half howler, half man
37.an animal or strange being
39.a psychic's form of communication
42.the boom of a storm
46.dark streets at night may be this
49.grandmother's closet may be this
50.to shake from the cold
51.falling liquid

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