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Roberto V.

A compendium of political jargon

1 2 3 4 5
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6.Branch of government responsible for conducting government’s daily business
8.A yes vote
11.Branch of government responsible for the review and sanctioning of the law
12.Addition to a bill
13.One who keeps party members in line
17.Branch of government responsible for originating new laws
21.Government intersession where outgoing government’s ability to set new policy is limited
23.Legislative branch of some governments
24.Lower house of s0ome bi-cameral legislatures
25.A parliamentary vote designed to express a lack of faith in the government’s ability to govern
26.The party who wins control of legislature
31.Foundation document for the standing body of law
33.Legislative subgroup paneled to conduct investigations
34.After the majority party, the party with the most seats
35.A plan to insure legislative representation corresponds to the popular vote
37.Chairman of the legislative proceedings
1.Upper house of some bi-cameral legislatures
2.Leader of the gunpowder plot to destroy parliament 1605
3.To pass a vote by approval of the majority
4.To revoke or annul
5.Political organization designed to field candidates for government office
7.Factional conclave organized to iron out a political strategy
9.Informal session of a parliament without a quorum
10.A proposed law under debate in the legislature
14.Legislative and to some extent executive branch of government
15.Legislative members who rarely speak in the assembly and have less responsibility
16.Authoritative permission or approval
18.A member of the executive in congressional systems
19.A group of parliamentary members still active after a session of parliament has been dissolved
20.Government game plan
22.To fail a vote for not having gained sufficient popular approval
26.A member of the parliamentary cabinet
27.Government pain in the neck from the minority quarter
28.The number of members of a group or organization required to be present to transact business legally
29.To join in abstaining from
30.Authoritative decree, sanction, or order
32.A vote of no confidence
36.A no vote

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