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Molecular Mystery Puzzle

Dana McDaniel

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3.PCR is a method of target _______ which makes copies of target sequences so they may be detected
5.Differences in osmotic fragility, differences in density gradient, use of detergent, grinding, and homogenzing will _____ cells, releasing DNA.
7.It is critical for the DNA polymerase to be _________ to avoid denaturation at high temperatures
9.Reverse transcriptase PCR requires RNA to be first converted to _______
11.Southern and Northern blot methods are similar, in that they both use single-stranded __________ probes to identify sequences of interest
13.DNA and RNA can be eluted from a solid-phase matrix using _____
14.Probes must be labeled in order to _________ the target fragments immobilized on a blot
16.dsDNA is separated in PCR via __________ at 95 degrees Celsius
19.The accumilation of amplicons can be monitored during target amplification using _______ PCR.
20.Proteins may be analyzed using the _________ blot method
21.Another name for inorganic DNA extraction which selectively precipitates proteins.
23.DNA fragments may be isolated and detected using the __________ blot procedure
24.In conditions with high __________, the probe will only bind target sequences if they are complement to one another, while low conditions are more forgiving.
25.The ______________ is used to asses the progress of electrophoresis and aids in knowing when the run is complete (e.g. bromophenol blue).
26.Phenol and chloroform may be used in _______ DNA or RNA extraction
27.Extraction methods often involve ____ salt levels and ___ pH levels
1.In solid-phase extraction, DNA adsorbs to ____________
2.Anaylsis which requires detection and resolution of DNA down to the single-base level is best done using __________ gel
4.A ______ is used to create wells at the top of the gel in which samples will be loaded
6.DNA synthesis occurs in the _________ step of PCR
8.The _______ blot procedure may be used to anaylze the structure and quantity of RNA.
10.In contrast, Western blot uses _________ to identify sequences of interest
12.In the second step of PCR, primers/probes _____ to complementary sites on template DNA
15.Special care must be taken with RNA extraction due to high levels of _______ in the environment
16.Increasing the concentration of agarose in a gel will ________ the size of the spaces in the gel
17.__________ enzymes are used to cut DNA at four to six base pair binding sites
18.In PCR, DNA polymerase requires ______ for enzyme activity
22.During electrophoresis, buffers are used to carry the _______ in addition to protecting the samples

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