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what about me?


Spelling words

3           4 5  
6             7
8 9                
10             11  

2.I keep all of your things safe when you cannot hold them in your hands
3.what people wear when they cannot see well
6.I am long when you first get me,but after awhile I get shorter the more you use me
9.more than one family
10.what a crash derby car does
12.description of two or more "body" of water
13.I help your mom and dad when they go grocery shopping
14.a genie grants these when you rub on his lamp
15.their is 12 of me on a ruler
1.I am money and made of copper
4.I am always due to arrive at the beginning of the school year
5.more than one bunch
7.many of me grow in a garden
8.I went to two different ......... this weekend. I had a blast!
11.I make duplicates of myself

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