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Sexually Transmitted Infections Game

Jeff Cheetham

Read the clues to the diseases and know the signs, symptoms, and long term effects of the infections.

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1.Most frequently reported STD, most people have no signs or symptoms
3.Cause by a parasitic insect and affect approximately 2% of the population
5.Signs and symptoms in men include burning , frequency and urgency of urination, and discharge from the urethra. In women, burning on urination and a slight vaginal discharge may occur
6.Passed mostly through genital contact, blister-like lesions, skin becomes swollen and inflamed with pain and itching at the lesion site
7.Caused by a microscopic parasite that causes the diarrhea
8.Small flesh colored or gray swelling in the genital area
9.Single celled parasite that attaches to the human intestinal mucosa with a sucking organ, causing the diarrheal condition giardiasis
10.Bacterial infection of the lining of the intestines. It is transmitted through bacteria in the human stool
12.Common STD that is easy to cure. There are usually no symptoms, but if there are they are more likely to occur in women than men
2.There are over 40 different types of this that can infect the genital areas. They can cause serious health problems including genital warts and certain cancers
4.Systemic disease that has four phases
11.Slowly attacks and destroys the immune system, caused by HIV

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