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Texas Insurance Limited Lines Puzzle

1 2
4     5       6             7    
        9 10 11  
12               13                       14        
      16   17        
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    25           26       27         28  
30 31                                    
        34 35  
36           37             38               39  
  41         42      
43                     44      
      45   46              

3.unauthorized (2 Words)
4.the person receives and delivers policies
6.derogatory talk
8.financial responsibility of the insured
12.take it or leave it
13.license of the insurer (3 Words)
15.sharing profits back to the insured
18.license to preserve agency assets
20.formed in Arkansas
21.the chief executive
25.something of value
29.intentional withholding of information
30.chance of gain/loss
32.indemnification against at fault parties
33.persuading another to forcibly transact a policy
36.license issued to an agent domiciled in another state (2 Words)
38.consumer protection against inaccurate information (2 Words)
43.not engaging with the general public
46.license with reduced authority
47.intentional/dishonest with intent of cheating
1.to make whole again
2.section containing basic underwriting information
4.overstepping granted authority
5.fraud (2 Words)
7.the section outlining parties to a contract (2 Words)
9.uncertainty of loss
10.large numbers of similar losses (4 Words)
11.promises, inducements personal services
14.misrepresentation (2 Words)
16.domestic (3 Words)
17.insured and insurer cannot agree on loss
19.act for a promise
22.general rules or procedures agreed upon the contract
23.accepted professional standards of conduct
24.represents more than one insurer
26.perils not insured against
27.license to one agent appointed by a company
31.sworn statement before any loss can be paid (3 Words)
34.the money held in trust
35.sudden, unplanned, unexpected
37.authority assumed to have
39.defines the person protected under the contract
40.increases the chance of loss
41.profit/losses shared amongst the stockholders
44.incorporated in Europe
45.risk with no possibility of gain

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