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Mathematics Crossword


This Crossword is for students of 7th and 8th Std.

1 2     3               4   5        
6 7      
8                     9                         10 11
  12         13                          
      14   15        
        17                 18        
              19     20    
        21   22             23        
24                         25    
        26                 27
28                 29            
        30   31  
    32                       33      
34             35                        
36                     37 38     39  
40   41                  
  42   43          
44             45       46    
  47                 48   49
50                       51                
52         53             54 55   56          
              57           58
59                 60             61      
  62           63 64          
    66           67            

2.-1 is called __ of Zero.
4.Numbers which do not have any common divisior other than one.
8.If B^2 = C^2 + A^2, then B, C, A is called a __ triplet.
9.The tangent and the radius through the point of contact of a circle are __ to each other.
12.What will be the digit in thounsands place if 23 numbers in the series 1, 11, 111, 1111 .... are added together.
13.The name given to re-arrangement of a given set of items.
16.The Segment joining two points of intersections is called __.
17.Creator of Set Theory in Mathematics.
19.The value which occurs most frequently in a set of observations.
22.There were 28 handshakes at a meeting where each person greets every other person. how many people were there ?
23.A Surd of order 3 is called __ Surd ?
24.Prof. CR Rao born on 10 Sept 1920 was a __ ?
26.The Number which is the same when we read it forward backword.
28.An angle forming a linear pair with any angle of a triangle is __ Angle.
29.The part containing boundary of the figure and its interior is called __.
32.The process of measuring.
33.Vertex at the tip of a pyramid is ?
34.A chord divides the circular region into two parts, each part is called __ .
35.A Triangular Pyramid is also called __ ?
36.The general name for all Algebraic expressions containing two or more terms is __ .
38.1 Cubic Decimeter is also popularly called One __ ?
41.The compound ratio of two equal ratios is __ Ratio.
42.A well defined collection of objects ?
44.Simplify the following mathematical expression in which roman numerials are used : D/L * V
46.A graph that shows the relationship between a whole and its parts is __ Chart.
47.The points lying on the same circle are __ ?
50.An Angle is __ if it is traced out by a ray revolving in the clockwise direction.
51.A square has the same area as a rectangle with sides 32 cms and 8 cms find the perimetrer of the square.
52.A polyhedron whose side faces are triangles having common vertex and whose base is a plane rectilinear figure.
55.Additional expenses made after buying an article are included in C.P. and are known as __ expenses.
57.If X^(1/2) = 8, then (X^(1/3))^2
59.A solid bounded by Six rectangular plane faces is called __ ?
60.A quantitiy which has a fixed numerical value is called __ ??
63.Polygons that has no portions of their diagonals in their exteriors.
65.If a/b = c/d = d/e ... then a, b, c, d, e are in __ proportion.
66.Amount of region occupied by a solid.
67.The angle subtended by the arc of sector at the center is called __ Angle?
68.If 9x^2 + 24xy + (m+5)y^2 is a perfect square what is the value of m.
1.A Quadrilateral in which the measure of each angle is less than 180 degrees is __ Quadrilateral?
3.The decrease in value of an aritlce over a period of time is called __ ?
5.A Polyhedron in which each face is a parallelogram.
6.A Science of Numbers.
7.The Numerical factor of the term.
8.The Name given to a graph where pictures or symbols are used to show the frequency of data.
10.The ratio of the measures of the consecutive angles of a quadrilateral is 2: 4 : 6 : 8. What type of quadrilateral it is ?
11.Radha climbs up 5 stares every minute and then climbs down 2 stairs over next minute. How many minutes will she take to climb 60 stairs.
14.A Triangle in which the centroid, orthocenter, circumcenter and the incenter all coincide.
15.What is the alternative word for Prime in algebraic expression.
18.Point of intersection of Altitudes of a triangle.
20.Three sides and three angles of a triangle are called __ of the triangle.
21.The graphical representation of the grouped frequency distribution by means of rectangle.
25.Numerical information collected for a specific purpose is called __ data.
27.V + F -E = 2 this formula is known as __ Formula ?
30.In the Ratio a:b, a is called __ .
31.The tangents at the end points of a diameter of a circle are __ ?
35.A line that cuts two other lines at two different points.
37.100 Hectares = One Square __ ?
39.The difference between the highest and lowest values of the observation in a given data is called its __ ?
40.Surds having no common irrational factors are called __ surds.
42.The discount allowe14. A well defined collection of objects ?
43.A grocery bill of Rs.280 is paid through equal number of notes of Rs.5, Rs.10 and Rs.20 what is the total number of notes paid ?
45.A plane through the center of a Sphere divides it into two equal parts called __ ?
48.When two or more ratios are multiplied term wise, the ratio thus obtained is called their __ ratios.
49.The measure of an angle is the amount of __ from the initial position to the terminal position.
53.A circle which is drawn inide a triangle which touches each side of a triangle.
54.An Example of a Sphere ?
56.Value of 'y' is twice that of 'x' and thrice that of 'z'. If z = 2, find the value of (2x-y+z)^3
58.Another name for Numeral Zero.
61.One yard equals __ Feet ?
62.Quadrilateral whith exactly two pairs of equal consecutive sides.
64.A curve which does not cut itself is __ Curve?

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