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MED 121 "Basic Word Structure"

Tyrone Jones, CMA (AAMA), BSHM

Use this puzzle to determine what you already know. You may be surprised to see just how much you already know about Medical Terminology!

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1.Process of cutting into. Scissors cut.
3.Exocrine gland in front of (before) the urinary bladder in males
5.Pertaining to the brain.
7.A decrease in erythrocytes or hemoglobin.
9.Disease of glands.
13.Red blood cell.
17.Pain of a joint.
18.Study of tumors.
20.Specialist in the study of tumors.
21.Process of study of the stomach and intestines.
24.Inflammation of the skin.
25.Study of the endocrine system/glands.
27.Study of life.
28.Study of disease.
29.Pertaining to above the stomach.
30.Study of x-rays.
2.Study of nerves.
4.Pertaining to below the liver.
5.Pertaining to the heart.
6.Study of the kidney.
8.Study of females and female diseases.
10.Study of skin.
11.Condition of too much secretion of hormone (thyroxine) from the thyroid gland.
12.Study of the heart.
14.Inflammation of a joint.
15.Pertaining to producing cancer. From the Greek gennao meaning “I produce.”
16.“Self-view”—examination of a dead body, understand its function.
19.One who studies diseases, performs autopsies, and examines biopsy samples.
22.State of complete knowledge; information gathered about a patient’s illness.
23.Inflammation of the liver.
26.Pertaining to the stomach.

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