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Introduction to Sociology

Peter Rabbit

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3.The three goals of science are explanation, generalization and _____.
7.Sociology that focuses on small-scale patterns of social interaction. Not a theory.
8.a gradual transition from one polar opposite to the other. No parts are significantly different from its adjacent parts.
9.The corners of life that people occupy because of where they are located in a society.
13.The perspective that a society is composed of interrelated parts, each of which serves and contributes to the overall stability of the society.
16.Proposed that the scientific method be used to study society
17.A microlevel theory which focuses on individuals or small groups, rather than on large-scale social structures.
18.This revolution changed Europe’s economy from agriculture to a/an ______ mode of production.
1.A belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce produce certainty. A personal view or attitude.
2.Understanding the relation between our lives as individuals and the larger social forces that help shape them.
4.Data contrary to a person’s beliefs or convictions.
5.The degree to which people are tied to their social group.
6.People who are employed, but live below the poverty line.
10.The view that groups in a society are engaged in a continuous power struggle for control of scarce resources.
11.1st sociologist to use scientific method to study social phenomenon
12.A man was cutting the lawn and put extra gasoline for the mower in a glass jar. He gets injured and is taken by ambulance to the hospital for stitches. Meanwhile, his wife cleans up at home, pouring the gasoline in the household toilet. Later that day, the now heavily-sutured hubby returns home and decides to use the bathroom. After he sits down, he drops his lit cigarette in the toilet and it explodes, causing significant burns. Once again, the paramedics come out to take him to the hospital.
14.More U.S. students are killed in school shootings now than 10 or 15 years ago.
15.The mass of workers exploited by the bourgeoisie

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